Do you edit poetry?

We’d like to be

Up front with thee.

Most assuredly,

And this is key,

We cannot see


Do you guarantee my work will be published?

No, and anyone who tells you that they do is either a vanity publisher (you give them your money to publish your book) or badly mistaken. The truth is that there are so many variables in the publishing industry, no one can guarantee what gets published and what doesn’t. Most publishers have their books scheduled at least a year out, and often much further. What’s popular in fiction today may not be tomorrow, so they’re wary of taking on new authors.

What we can guarantee is that an unprofessional manuscript will never make it out of the slush pile. Why? Because acquisition editors are looking for any reason to toss your work aside and move on to the next submission. If you don’t give them a reason to keep reading, they won’t.

And if you’re thinking about self-publishing, most readers will give you one chance. Even if you sell them your book (or give it away), if it’s not well-written and edited, they’re going to delete your work from their e-reader and never come back.

Still not sure you need to have your work edited? We’d be happy to show you how we can help. Just ask for a free sample edit and let us prove that an edit is a worthwhile investment!

Do you require a contract?

In most cases, yes. A simple contract is used to protect all parties.

How much do you charge?

Each edit is unique because our fees are based on several factors:

  • Service required (developmental edit, proofreading, critique, mentoring, etc.)
  • Amount of work required (a manuscript that’s been previously critiqued or edited typically requires less work)
  • Turnaround time desired

Ask for your free sample edit and we’ll work with you to determine a service and cost that’s affordable. We usually charge by the page and our rates are extremely competitive.

For comparison purposes, feel free to search other editorial services. Some editors charge by the hour and should give an indication of how many pages per hour are typical. Note that the industry standard is 250 words per page.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment is due in advance, with the following options available:

  • Paypal (a 3% surcharge will be added to cover Paypal’s fees)
  • Personal check (work begins once the check has cleared)
  • Cashier’s check (work begins on receipt)
  • USPS money order (work begins on receipt)

In some situations, payment plans may be available. Please note that estimates are based on the samples received, and actual time (and cost) may be more or less than quoted. In either case, you will be notified as soon as possible. Refunds are issued in the same manner as the initial payment. If additional time will be required to complete the work, you may either pay the difference or opt for us to stop editing at the previously estimated time.

What is a critique?

A critique offers a high-level review of your manuscript and offers general suggestions for improvement. Whether it’s the first chapter you’re submitting for a contest or a full-length novel, we’ll help you tighten the writing. From a potent beginning to a solid middle to a satisfying ending, a critique can point out issues that may limit your work’s success. And if you’re ready to submit to an agent and want a professional to review your query or synopsis, we can do that too!

The fee for a critique is a flat fee determined by the size of the work. Contact us for more information.

What is content editing?

A content edit involves reviewing a manuscript for such things as readability, pacing, point of view, conflict, and dialogue. In most cases, a completed manuscript is reviewed. The edit consists of notes and detailed advice to the author. As a rule, corrections are not made by the editor. Not sure this is what you need? Contact us about a free sample edit.


What is developmental editing?

A developmental edit includes all other services we offer, plus minor rewrites as needed. Think of it as ordering a pizza with everything on it. (No mushrooms though. Horrible, slimy things.) Keep getting rejection notices but don’t know why? Got an idea for a book, but don’t know what to do with it? Never done any writing? A developmental edit may be the solution. We can help with plot, organization, structure, flow, and presentation. From start to finish, we’ll work with you to deliver a work you’ll be proud to share. Contact us about a free sample edit.

What is mentoring?

Think of mentoring as having an after-school tutor. We’ll help you improve your overall writing while focusing on specific areas of weakness. Typically, mentoring covers more than one project and may occur on an as-needed basis. It’s developmental editing taken to the next level. We’ll work on two or three chapters at a time at a pace you determine.

Contact us for more information.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the most basic type of edit, and is generally the last step prior to submitting a manuscript to an agent or publisher (or self-publishing). We’ll check for typographical errors, grammatical problems, formatting issues, misspelled words, and the like. Ignoring this step virtually guarantees your work will never make it out of the slush pile. Note that this type of edit only corrects technical mistakes. It does not address issues with the writing itself. To determine if this is the right choice for you, ask for your free sample edit.

What resources do you use for edits?

We utilize the specific references required by the publishing industry as listed below:

  • The Chicago Manual of Style
  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary
  • The Associated Press Stylebook
  • Webster’s New World College Dictionary (for newspapers and some magazines)
  • The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style
What services do you offer?

While fiction is our specialty, we are happy to edit just about anything you can write (no erotica or excessive gore/profanity).

  • Developmental editing: heavy-duty, lots of help needed
  • Content editing: got a good start, just need some guidance
  • Proofreading: ready to submit to an agent or self-publish, but want to make sure the work is professional
  • Critique: want to know if your work is salable, or getting ready to enter it into a contest
  • Mentoring: developmental editing spread over multiple projects

For more specifics (including rates), please read the FAQ for the service desired.

What you want not listed above? No problem. Contact us and we’ll let you know how we can help!

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