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A full-service editor specializing in fiction

Whatever you’re writing, we can help. From novels to corporate blogs, memoirs to technical manuals, we know how to make your work shine.

Editing’s not just correcting errors. It’s your work. Don’t lose your voice in it. A professional editor works with you every step of the way to ensure you’re happy with the results.

Avoid the slush pile.
Did you know agents and publishers are looking for a reason to reject your submission? Don't give it to them! A professional edit is an investment in your hard work.
Get a free sample edit!
Not sure you need your work edited? For a limited time, we're offering to review a sample of your writing and give you our input. Why? Because you want an editor who'll work with you to improve your writing while maintaining your voice. After all, you wouldn't buy a car without a test drive, would you? It's about building a relationship founded on trust.
Writing got you stressed?
Let us help. Whether you need a nudge or a kick in the pants, we'll get you back on track. Sit back, take a deep breath, and relax. It's time to put the joy back in your writing!



Looking for help getting started on that first novel? Got a great story idea and don’t know where to go with it? Readers, agents, and publishers are all looking for a reason to say no to your writing. Don’t let that happen. Whether you’re looking for a mentor, ghostwriter, or just someone to point you in the right direction, we can help.


You’ve got your book (fiction or non-fiction) almost done. Now what? Time for an in-depth review. We’ll check for consistency, clarity, structure, and lots more. For non-fiction, is the work readable by your target audience? Do your examples make sense? Does the book flow? And for you fiction writers, how’s the pace? Is your middle sagging? Dialogue weak? What about conflict and point of view? Let a professional editor review your work before you submit it. After all, you’re putting yourself out there, not just your book.

Wrapping it up?

The final step prior to submitting your work or self-publishing is a good proofread. We’ll check for grammatical errors, misspellings, punctuation problems, and all the other fun stuff Mrs. Watson taught your high school English class. She tried to tell you it was important, but you wouldn’t listen. No worries. We’ve got your back!

There’s a great power in words, if you don’t hitch too many of them together.

– Josh Billings

  • ... an impeccable editor with a keen eye for detail. He not only sees what I don't (and guides me in fixing trouble spots), he's inspiring to work with. His ability to analyze the whole picture is incredible. I can't recommend his editing skills enough. I'm extremely blessed to work with him.

    Karla Akins Author
  • What I appreciate the most is his blend of straightforward constructive criticism and helpful insights from both an editor's point of view as well as a reader's. Yet, Tom offers this feedback in a most encouraging way that does not dishearten my efforts. Now I really look forward to continuing on!

    Elaine Stock Author
  • Tom's edits made my writing stronger. He identified places I could “show” instead of “tell.” He found point-of-view issues and inspired me to come up with a cliffhanger at the end of my chapters. Very helpful.

    Kristin Neva Author
  • Tom did a thorough job of editing part of my current fiction work in process, identifying numerous ways to improve it. I found his insights and suggestions to be very helpful, and would certainly recommend him as an editor.

    Janet Grunst Author
  • I hired Tom as an editor. I received much more. He is a teacher, mentor, and a caring person. We are not yet finished editing but the transformation of bringing each chapter to life is amazing. If you need an editor, this is the guy you have been looking for.

    Bob Laurie Author
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